RTO-TV Puts the Power of Video to Work for You

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What is RTO-TV HD?

RTO-TV HD is in-store (closed circuit) video entertainment designed specifically for the rental-purchase industry. Custom programming highlights your brand, your products and your services in your stores. Beautiful, eye-catching video promotes your business while showcasing your products' high def capabilities.

What is the format for RTO-TV HD?

You determine the content with easy online menu selection. New HD content will be made available every 2 weeks and may include music videos, movie trailers, and generic HD footage of scenery, people, and events. You will also add video segments specific to your company's product promos (vendor promo or your existing: 30 TV spot), custom dealer benefits, seasonal promos, and RTO highlights.

Why should I participate?

Your stores should be promoting your products, your programs, and all the great benefits you offer! No more cable bills and no more ads or programs showing up on your TVs that you don't endorse! This is also a great opportunity to display lines and special order items that are available to customers but might not be on your floor!

How often can I change content?

Playlists can be changed daily, while new HD content is made available every 2 weeks. We recommend updating playlists as new content is made available.

Why is Internet Delivery better than discs?

You'll have timely control over content playing in your stores. Once the playlist is changed the new content will be playing the very next day! We'll be happy to answer additional questions and explain the program in more detail! Please call Marty Smith at 314-835-0004 x302!

How do I get started?

Just complete the online form or contact us for an order form. Once production is approved, we'll submit an invoice for payment.

What if I still have questions?

We'll be happy to answer your questions and explain the program in more detail! Please call Marty Smith at 314-835-0004 x302.