RTO-TV Puts The Power Of Video To Work For You

Stop showing useless TV broadcasts in your stores!

The benefits of RTO-TV HD make it a valuable sales tool:

  • In-store high definition video programming that you control!
  • Promote your programs, your benefits, your products, your promotions!
  • No more cable bills!
  • No more competitors' advertising showing up on your TVs!

How often can I change content?

Playlists can be changed daily. New HD content is made available every 2 weeks. It would be our recommendation to update playlists as new content is made available.

Affordable, dependable service from an industry leader:

Equipment costs:*
HDMI Output @ $349.00 per store^
Component Output: Call for price

Monthly per store pricing as follows:
1 - 10 stores @ $35.00 per store per month
11 - 25 stores @ $30.00 per store per month
26 - 50 stores @ $25.00 per store per month
51 - 75 stores @ $20.00 per store per month
More than 75 stores @ $15.00 per store per month

Setup is easy:

Easy Set Up Diagram

Managing content couldn't be simpler:

RTO-TV Administration Screenshot

*HD inline amplifiers are required in addition to the netbox(s) provided. Buyer assumes responsibility for purchase and installation of amplifiers.
^Does not include shipping and handling charges.